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2-Channel Digisafe Failsafe Module
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Price: $8.99
Availability: Discontinued
Firmtronics Item #: FIRMTRONICS-DFS -

DigiFailSafe allows you to program the position of the servos or speed controllers in the event of radio signal loss or interference. For normal operation, the device can be programmed to output 1% to 120% of normal servo travel, allowing the sensitivity of your model to be easily adjusted (ideal for beginners and experts alike!). This device can also be used as a servo/ESC limiter - simply program the amount of travel required (between 1% and 120%). Read the User's Manual for full details and...

FingerTech tinyMixer
Price: $18.99
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FingerTech Robotics Item #: FT-TINYMIXER -

Don't like 2-stick 'tank' steering? Need a stick free for weapon control? Using a gyro for drive stabilization?The tinyMixer combines the "left/right" (Aileron) and 'up/down' (Elevator) channels of a single stick into two individual drive channels. This allows you to maneuver the robot with just one thumb, leaving the other open for weapon control.Invert Function: If your robot gets flipped upside down but is still drivable, you can invert the controls and drive it as if it were still...

OMX-4 Omni Directional Mixer
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Robotlogic Item #: OMX4 -

This RC mixer is designed for four wheeled omni-directional robots. It mixes three input RC channels: x, y, and spin to generate the appropriate signals for motors controlling four omni-directional wheels. Using a jumper on the board, the OMX-4 can be configured for either an ‘X' style drivetrain or a ‘Plus' style drivetrain.FEATURES- 4 wheel omni-directional mixing with translation and rotation input- Failsafe on signal loss- No need for line boosters when used with VEX / IFI speed...

Programable Lipoly Low Voltage Alarm (2-8S)
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FingerTech Robotics Item #: FT-2-8SALARM -

This 2-8S Cell Checker with low voltage alarm features loud twin piezo alarms to notify you once your cells reach a user defined voltage. You can customize the alarm to sound at a voltage between 2.7~3.8V per cell in 0.10V increments by pressing the setting mode button.This unit also features a built in LED display that will show the voltage of each cell followed by the overall voltage of the pack. Don't risk losing a match to a dead battery!Specifications:Input: 2S~8SBattery type:...

SB-3 Signal Booster
Price: $34.95
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Robotlogic Item #: SB3 -

The SB-3 signal booster can boost 3 RC channels for use with popular speed controllers such as the Victor-833. The SB-3 also provides signal splitting, eliminating the need for Y-cables. The first input is replicated to 3 output connectors and the other two inputs are replicated to 2 output connectors each. The LED on the SB-3 indicates power and signal status.SB-3 features include:* Boosts 3 RC channels for use with robotics speed controllers such as the IFI Victor 833* The LED is on when...