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Finder Alarm for Lost Aircraft
Price: $11.99
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This compact tool weighs almost nothing and take ten seconds to install. It hooks straight up to your receiver, and if you lose your plane or heli, simply turn off your transmitter and the alarm will sound.Compatible With: 2.4GHz, PPM/FM, PCM/FM, AM TX/RXEffective Range: Over 55 yardsDecibel Level: 84 dbPlease note: While the Finder Alarm is compatible with the vast majority of Spektrum receivers, it will not work with the Spektrum AR6000, AR7000, AR9000 or other receivers that feature the...

FingerTech Programming Cable for T6A Transmitter
Price: $15.99
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FingerTech Robotics Item #: FT-PROG-CABLE-T6A -

The inexpensive T6A Radio Transmitter requires a PC cable to modify any of the channel variables including mixing and servo reversing. (Download the T6 Manual.)The program is free and can be downloaded below (includes WinXP driver and T6config program).If you are running Vista, you will need to install the Vista driver insteadFor Windows 7 and 10, download the Windows 7-10 DriverThe program we supply in our transmitters is hk-t6a-Viper-mixed-R2Or if you prefer tank steering: hk-t6a-Viper-tank-R...

GWS Transmitter Crystal Holder
Price: $0.99
Availability: Discontinued
GWS Item #: GWACS003 -

Holds your GWS crystal perfectly and protects it in your GWS T4II or T6ATransmitter. Works on 72Mhz and 75Mhz radios.0-GWCH

GWS Transmitter Quick Charger
Retail: $10.99
Price: $5.99
Availability: Discontinued
GWS Item #: GW/ADP-CHG/5 -

The GWS Transmitter quick charger has both a round transmitter plug and a 3-pin receiver battery plug.Each circuit has an LED to indicate if current is flowing into the battery.Transmitter output: 9.6Vdc @ 60mAReceiver output: 4.8Vdc @ 60mA 0-GWCGR-Q

Spring to Ratchet Metal Conversion Kit for GWS Transmitters
Retail: $1.00
Price: $0.29
Availability: Discontinued
GWS Item #: PNSPR-1002 -

Metal conversion kit for changing spring mechanism to ratchet in the GWT-4A and GWT-6A radio systems.0-PNSPR-1002

Velcro Packet - Industrial Strength
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Item #: PPFVS2Velcro -

2 inch wide by approximately 3-4 inches long. This is actual name-brand Velcro Hook and Loop fastener , not some generic knock off. Each side has a peel-off backing with a very strong adhesive to attach to almost anything!0-PPFVS2