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Mecha Hitsu Gen2
Price: $1,495.00
Availability: Available

The Mecha Hitsu Gen2 animatronic head was developed by Custom Entertainment Solutions to provide a robust mechanical head platform for any number of applications. The design allows for the programmer to animate this head quickly (only 3 servos to manage). A standard 0.5in. neck socket at the back/base of the head allows for easy connection to an existing robotic or animatronic figure or even the Industrial Animatronic Neck Mechanism. Custom Entertainment Solutions can also provide tailor-made...

ToMoMi Gen 1 Complete Animatronic Robotic System
Price: $19,500.00
Availability: Available

The most capable off-the-shelf Animatronic Robotic head in the world is here! If you are studying human/machine interface, have an interest in crossing the "uncanny-valley", or simply want to experiment with animatronics ToMoMi is the perfect solution.ToMoMi Gen 1 is a robotic head platform that allows functionality to be added to as your research needs growConfigurations of ToMoMi are limitless, from additional degrees of freedom, additional neck motions, skin color, CMOS eyes, etc.In this...