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Electrical Science Assistant - Electromagnetic Playground Kit
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Price: $6.99
Availability: Discontinued
Toysmith Item #: TYSM79652-Playground -

Spend hours of learning fun while developing knowledge, thinking and learning about electronics. This kit is one in a series of 4 of the hottest high-tech experiments for children. You can step into the amazing world of electrical energy with this Science Time™series. They make it easy to learn, easy to build and easy to understand the basics of electronics.This kit includes:1 swing plate1 swing top2 swing legs2 wires1 magnet1 metal plate1 switch plate1 see saw plate2 see saw legs1 metal pin5...

Wall Hugging Ladybug - Tamiya 70195
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Price: $23.99
Availability: Discontinued
Tamiya Item #: TAMX0195 -

The Wall Hugging Ladybug uses a simple two-motor system to scurry along the wall. When motor B is on and motor A is off, the ladybug steers left towards the wall. When the sensor rod comes into contact with the wall it activates a micro switch that turns motor A on and motor B off causing it to steer away from the wall. When the ladybug steers away from the wall the sensor rod loses contact with the wall turning the micro switch off and turning motor A off and motor B back on again. The sensor...