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    Don't like 2-stick 'tank' steering? Need a stick free for weapon control? Using a gyro for drive stabilization?

    The tinyMixer combines the "left/right" (Aileron) and 'up/down' (Elevator) channels of a single stick into two individual drive channels. This allows you to maneuver the robot with just one thumb, leaving the other open for weapon control.

    Invert Function: If your robot gets flipped upside down but is still drivable, you can invert the controls and drive it as if it were still right-side-up. Alternatively, you can invert while right-side-up and make the back of the robot into the front. This can be useful if your robot has both a weapon and a wedge and you want to attack with the other.

    Radio Failsafe: All* combat events require a robot to cease movement when radio contact is lost. The cheaper channel mixers do NOT do this. (*There are still a few events that allow the lowest weight classes to compete without failsafe, as long as the robot does not have an active weapon. Ask your event organizer.)

    - Ultra-compact and lightweight. Smallest full-functioned mixer on the market!
    - Radio failsafe makes this mixer safe and legal for all combat robot competitions.
    - Can set to either Mixed or No-Mix (2-stick, aka 'Tank') mode, with Invert functionality on both.
    - Bright blue status LED can double as power indicator.

    - Operating voltage: 5-12V (ex. tinyESCs provide 5V, even though they can be run from a 36V battery)
    - Size including pins: 2.5 x 0.9 x 0.6cm (0.98x0.36x0.25 inch)
    - Weight with wires: 3.0grams (0.11oz)