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Baby Orangutan B-328 Robot Controller
Price: $19.29
Availability: Discontinued
Pololu Item #: 1220 -

The Baby Orangutan is a complete control solution for small robots, all packed into a tiny 1.2" x 0.7" 24-pin DIP package. Its compact design eliminates bulkier components such as the LCD and switches while retaining the most essential features of the Orangutan robot controller line: a programmable ATmega48, ATmega168 (discontinued), or ATmega328P AVR microcontroller and a dual H-bridge for direct control of two DC motors. This integrated motor driver sets the Baby Orangutan B apart from...

Orangutan Robot Controller mega168
Retail: $39.99
Price: $31.99
Availability: Discontinued
Pololu Item #: 225 -

The Orangutan robot controller is a complete control solution for small robots. It includes an 8-character x 2-line liquid crystal display, two bi-directional motor ports, a buzzer, three pushbuttons, and up to 12 user I/O lines, yet the compact module measures only 2.00" x 1.85" and weighs less than 1 ounce. Because of the complete feature set, very few additional components (such as sensors or motors) need to be added to complete the electronic portion of a small robot. The small package...

Orangutan SVP-324 Robot Controller (assembled)
Price: $69.99
Availability: In Stock
Pololu Item #: 1325 -

The Orangutan SVP robot controller is a complete control solution for small and medium-sized robots running at 6-13.5V. The module is designed around the powerful Atmel ATmega324PA AVR microcontroller (32 KB flash, 2 KB RAM, and 1 KB EEPROM) or ATmega1284P (128 KB flash, 16 KB RAM, and 4 KB EEPROM) running at 20 MHz and features a full complement of peripheral hardware to support robotics applications: dual motor drivers capable of delivering 2A continuous (6 peak) per channel, a demultiplexer...

Pololu Simple Motor Controller 18v7 (Fully Assembled)
Price: $24.99
Availability: Back Order
Pololu Item #: 1372 -

The Pololu Simple Motor Controllers are versatile, general-purpose motor controllers for brushed, DC motors. A wide operating range of up to 5.5-40V and the ability to deliver up to several hundred Watts in a small form factor make these controllers suitable for many motor control applications. With a variety of supported interfaces--USB for direct connection to a computer, TTL serial for use with embedded systems, RC hobby servo pulses for use as an RC-controlled electronic speed control...

Qik 2s9v1 Dual Serial Motor Controller
Price: $19.99
Availability: Discontinued
Pololu Item #: 1110 -

This small, inexpensive motor controller allows variable speed and direction control of two small, brushed DC motors using a simple serial interface, making it easy to add motors to your microcontroller- or computer-based project. The motor supply voltage range is 4.5 to 13.5V; the continuous current per channel is up to 1A (3A peak). The logic supply can be as low as 2.7V, allowing operation with modern microcontrollers running at 3.3V. The compact module allows any microcontroller or...

TReX Jr. Dual Motor Controller DMC02
Price: $47.99
Availability: Discontinued
Pololu Item #: 767 -

This lower-power, smaller, and lower-cost version of the TReX is the ultimate general-purpose motor controller for small motors: it has a wide operating range (5 to 24V), delivers 2.5A continuously per motor, provides current sensing on the two main channels, and it features the TReX triple interface that allows you to control motors from a serial line (RS-232 or TTL), radio control (RC) receiver, or analog voltage source such as a potentiometer. The TReX Jr Dual Motor Controller, a...