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FingerTech Viper Combat Robot Kit
Price: $184.99
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FingerTech Robotics Item #: ft-kit-viper-v2 -

The Viper now uses our new and improved Twist Hubs! It also includes a JST-to-9V Adapter cable so you can power it with a 9V battery instead of a lipoly battery (saving you the cost of battery and charger until you are ready to upgrade!).The Viper Combat Robot Kit comes with everything you need to get started in combat robotics.- The custom-formed 6061-T6 Aluminum chassis has plenty of strength and space for additional components and upgrades.- A 6-Channel radio transmitter and receiver pair...

FingerTech Viper Horizontal Spinner Add-On
Price: $95.99
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FingerTech Robotics Item #: FT-VIPER-HSPIN -

Add a vicious horizontal spinner weapon to your Viper Combat Robot!Kit INCLUDESMotor: D2822/17 1100KV Brushless Motor + screwsController: 20A Brushless Speed ControllerHub: Blade Hub holds any blade 0-FT-VIPER-HSPIN Instructions

FingerTech Viper Lifter Add-On
Price: $63.99
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FingerTech Robotics Item #: FT-VIPER-LIFTER -

Take your Viper Combat Robot kit to the next level by adding a powerful servo-actuated lifting arm!Kit INCLUDESServo: GS-5515MG servo with FingerTech Servo MountsLift Arm: Spring steel Scoop and Linkage, Polycarbonate arms, threaded Crossbar, two 2x1 Mini NutStrip piecesScrews: Nine 4-40x0.25, eight 6-32x0.25 and four 6-32x0.5 screws plus hex wrench.Instructions: Detailed instructions with pictures.Specifications:Lift Height: 19cm (7.5in) - 90 degrees (can self-right from upside down!)Weight:...

FingerTech Beater Bar Assembly
Price: $55.99
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FingerTech Robotics Item #: FT-BTRBR -

Destroy the competition with FingerTech's new Beater Bar! Developed and used by two #1 ranked robots (from USA and Canada), this weapon really packs a punch!See our Beater Bar Electronics for a perfectly matched motor/ESC combo.Specifications:Sized for the 3lb Beetleweight class.Beater Length: 106.7mm (4.2in)30T pulley with Delrin flanges adds 16.7mm (.657in) to length. Total 123.4mm (4.86in).Beater Height: 50.8mm (2.0in)Beater Thickness: 19.05mm (0.75in)Beater Material: 6061-T6 AluminumBeater...

FingerTech Beater Bar Electronics
Price: $51.99
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FingerTech Robotics Item #: FT-BTRBR-ELEC -

This Brushless Motor and ESC combo are perfect for spinning the FingerTech 1lb Beater Bar. Can be run on 7.4V, 11.1V, or 14.8V for up to 10k RPM! Includes motor, mount, speed controller, and S3M pulley/belt.Specifications:Pulley reduction: 1.73:1Beater bar speed @ 7.4V: 4,700RPM theoreticalBeater bar speed @ 11.1V: 7,050RPM theoreticalBeater bar speed @ 14.8V: 9,400RPM theoreticalTotal Weight: 60grams (2.12oz)Beater bar to motor shaft center-to-center distance: 51.5mm (2.03in)Includes:1 -...