The Robot MarketPlace has been distributing the best in robot parts and hobby accessories for more than 17 years. Our customers include anyone from average hobbyists to combat robot builders, schools, special-effects companies, amusement parks, U.S. military, government contractors, and law enforcement. We pride ourselves in keeping this site up to date and providing the best parts and customer service available.

In 2009, we transitioned from an internet-only business to a retail store open to the public in Florida. We formed the Hobby Marketplace in the Sarasota/Bradenton area of FL for our retail over-the-counter sales, and designated the Robot MarketPlace for our internet-only storefront.

About The CEO

Jim Smentowski has been building robots since 1996. He has built combat robots for BattleBots, Robot Wars, RoboGames, and many other events as Team Nightmare. You can keep current with Team Nightmare through their Facebook Page. Jim has also worked in the movie effects industry, for George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic. He uses his professional skills and knowledge to keep The Robot MarketPlace one of the largest robot and hobby parts suppliers in the world.


The Robot MarketPlace’s vision is to continue offering products in a MarketPlace type of environment, rather than a warehouse environment, which supports maker-driven small businesses as our suppliers. We offer products both from our in-house supply, and from small businesses located throughout the United States, all under one online roof. We will continue to serve customers from many diverse vocations with the best prices and customer service possible.