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S-BEC Super BEC 5V
Price: $26.99
Availability: Discontinued

BEC (Battery-Elimination Circuit) provides a constant 5V to your receiver and/or servos. Simply connect the red and black leads to your (switched) main battery inputs, and plug the RC connector into any port of your receiver, and now you can ditch that bulky reciever battery pack! The 5V models are optimized to supply your standard RC receiver with the power needed to operate. S-BEC is a highly integrated and sophisticated switch-mode power supply operating from 5.5V to 50V input and producing...

2-Channel Digisafe Failsafe Module
Price: $10.99
Availability: Discontinued

DigiFailSafe allows you to program the position of the servos or speed controllers in the event of radio signal loss or interference. For normal operation, the device can be programmed to output 1% to 120% of normal servo travel, allowing the sensitivity of your model to be easily adjusted (ideal for beginners and experts alike!). This device can also be used as a servo/ESC limiter - simply program the amount of travel required (between 1% and 120%). Read the User's Manual for full details and...

TraverseLock Servo Lock for Pan/Tilt Applications
Price: $15.99
Availability: Discontinued
Item #: TVLK -

TraverseLock is designed for camera pan and tilt applications where the panning or tilting (traversing) is locked when the control stick is centered and only moves when the stick is moved, with the traverse speed being proportional to the amount of stick input. There is also a park input (use in conjunction with RCSwitch) which moves the servo to a user-programmed position. The end points (which allow up to 180º servo travel), park position and traverse rates are fully programmable. There is...