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    This Brushless Motor and ESC combo are perfect for spinning the FingerTech 1lb Beater Bar. Can be run on 7.4V, 11.1V, or 14.8V for up to 10k RPM! Includes motor, mount, speed controller, and S3M pulley/belt.

    Pulley reduction: 1.73:1
    Beater bar speed @ 7.4V: 4,700RPM theoretical
    Beater bar speed @ 11.1V: 7,050RPM theoretical
    Beater bar speed @ 14.8V: 9,400RPM theoretical
    Total Weight: 60grams (2.12oz)
    Beater bar to motor shaft center-to-center distance: 51.5mm (2.03in)

    1 - FingerTech F2822-17 1100KV Brushless Outrunner Motor (includes four Phillips head M3 screws for fastening to motor mount)
    1 - F-Series Motor Face Mount - has two 6-32 threaded holes top and bottom for mounting to baseplate and lid. Find 6-32 screws here.
    1 - BL20A 2-4S 20A Brushless Speed Controller (no built-in BEC)
    1 - FingerTech 15T S3M Timing Pulley (bore enlarged to 1/8in for F2822 motor shaft)
    1 - FingerTech 55T (165mm) Timing Belt
    1 - 0.050" Hex Wrench  for tightening pulley    


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