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OWI Frightened Grasshopper
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The Frightened Grasshopper is a Mini Solar Robot Kit by OWI®Suitable for Ages 10 & OlderThis kit is from the Jr. Science Series which is designedfor the first time experimenters with little or no experience at all.FEATURESSolar powered jiggly eyes, wiggly legs and swaying antennas!Simply shield its power source to make this bug stop moving!Easy-to-assemble with no batteries and tools required!This educational kit demonstrates alternative energy principlesIllustrated assembly...

OWI Solar Battery
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OWI Item #: OWIX0608 -

The Solar Battery is comprised of a number of photo voltaic cells. Each cell is made from a slab of semiconductor crystal. When light shines on the cell voltage is produced that can create an electrical current in a circuit. The greater the light intensity on the solar battery the greater is the current it can produce. Designed for experimenters with limited experience in assembling mechanical kits.Safe, simple-to-use encapsulated mini-panelComprised of a number of photo voltaic cells. Each...

Tamiya Solar Battery 1.5V 400mAh
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Solar cells convert the energy of the sun or artificial light into electric energy.1.5V - 400mAh cell can produce a high enough voltage to drive the small standard electric motors seen in motorized models.Panel is metallic blue in color.Dimensions: 133 x 65 x 7.5mm0-TAM76003