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FingerTech tinyMixer
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FingerTech Robotics Item #: FT-TINYMIXER -

Don't like 2-stick 'tank' steering? Need a stick free for weapon control? Using a gyro for drive stabilization?The tinyMixer combines the "left/right" (Aileron) and 'up/down' (Elevator) channels of a single stick into two individual drive channels. This allows you to maneuver the robot with just one thumb, leaving the other open for weapon control.Invert Function: If your robot gets flipped upside down but is still drivable, you can invert the controls and drive it as if it were still...

OMX-4 Omni Directional Mixer
Price: $49.95
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Robotlogic Item #: OMX4 -

This RC mixer is designed for four wheeled omni-directional robots. It mixes three input RC channels: x, y, and spin to generate the appropriate signals for motors controlling four omni-directional wheels. Using a jumper on the board, the OMX-4 can be configured for either an ‘X' style drivetrain or a ‘Plus' style drivetrain.FEATURES- 4 wheel omni-directional mixing with translation and rotation input- Failsafe on signal loss- No need for line boosters when used with VEX / IFI speed...