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    These upgraded tinyESCs replace both versions of the old style controller. All the features of the expensive "w/ BEC" version at the price of the basic! Version 2.3, now with 50% higher continuous-current capacity! Thicker pcb traces shunt heat away from the driver chip faster - meaning you can run larger motors!

    These are the smallest and lightest motor controllers currently manufactured for RC hobby robotics. They take up very little space but can handle more than enough motor current for small robots.

    The tiny ESC v2 includes a Battery Eliminator Circuit. If there is no 5V supply present on the robot, this will power the radio receiver from the main battery. *If 5V already exists, simply pull the red 5V pin from the connector.

    Battery Voltage: 6.5V - 36V
    Battery Eliminator Output Voltage: 5V
    Battery Eliminator Output Current: 100mA (can run other electronics like a receiver and other esc's, but not motors or servos. Current is derated for higer voltages - see graph: BEC Derating Graph)

    Motor Current: 1.5A continuous. For robots, usable continuous current is 2.0A.
    Max Current: 3A. For robots though, 5A-stall motors are easily handled by tinyESCs

    Circuit board size: 1.27x1.27x0.41cm (0.5x0.5x0.16in.)
    Outer heatshrink size: 1.35x2.28x0.48cm (0.53x0.90x0.19in.) - calibration pins can be shortened to reduce length
    Weight with wires: 4.5grams (0.16oz)

    - Bi-directional motor controller.
    - Ultra-compact and lightweight.
    - Undervoltage, overcurrent/temp protection.
    New features:
    - Internal BEC (battery eliminator circuit) provides 5V to receiver - no extra receiver battery required!
    - Calibrate function allows precision driving.
    - Status LEDs for both directions and calibration.

    The videos show a tinyESC running a powerful 22mm diameter motor that draws over 5A stall at 12V. On the left is 11.1V operation and on the right is 14.8V operation. At 11.1V, the tinyESC runs at full power even with over 2.3kg (5lbs) of weight on the wheel. At 14.8V, it takes 2.3kg (5lbs) before overcurrent protection kicks in. (Remember, that's 5lb per wheel!)

    -The tinyESC comes pre-calibrated with defaults, but if you wish to change the limits or center position:
    -Plug tinyESC into unpowered radio receiver
    -Jumper the two tinyESC header pins (see image)
    -Power up tinyESC
    -Move transmitter stick to high and low limits
    -Return transmitter stick to center
    -Unplug the jumper
    The center position is now "motor off" with full forward and full reverse speeds at the upper and lower limits.
    You may calibrate multiple tinyESC's at once (as in channel mixing).
    To revert to default calibration, do the above steps without moving the transmitter stick at all.


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