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    These anodized aluminum motor mounts will fit just about any small motor with mounting hole distances from 10mm - 12.5mm (0.39 - 0.49in).  Especially suited to both Gold and Silver Spark motors, they will also hold all Mini Metal Gearmotors small Copal motors, Maxon motors, etc.

    Specifications:- Width: 16mm (0.63in)
    - Height: 19.8mm (0.78in)
    - Length: 18.6mm (0.73in)
    - Thickness: 1.45mm (0.057in)
    - Shaft height: A motor with 11mm hole spacing will raise the motor shaft up to 11.7mm (0.46in).
    - Seven different mounting slots will fit up to 3mm or 4-40 sized screws.- Weight: 1.5grams (0.05oz)
    - Screws not included. Use 2-56x1/8 inch screws for Spark motors.


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    Not my favorite

    Im not crazy about these mounts for my 3 lb battle bot. Although Very easy to use, they are lightweight and bend to easy. The base for mounting is small and you have to remove the motor to remove the mount from what it's mounted to. I would pay more if the would include the screws to mount the motor to it.