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    FingerTech's Gold Spark motors are great for hobby use and in competition robots such as mini-sumo and line following.  If your application will be close to or exceeding the specified torque limits, check out our Silver Spark motors.

    - The extra-long 3mm shaft is triple-supported internally so that wheels can be mounted directly.
    - All-metal spur gear reduction gearhead mated to a Mabuchi FK-050 motor.
    - 9 different gear ratios of 20, 35, 50, 63, 86, 115, 150, 250, and 360:1
    - At only 28grams (0.99oz), these are a lightweight yet powerful motor.

    Motor Specs
    Operating Voltage4.5V-22.2V (>7.4V decreses motor life)
    Nominal Voltage 6V DC
    No Load RPM 11530 RPM
    No Load Current 0.05A
    Stall Current 1.3A
    Stall Torque 0.0461 kg-cm (0.64 oz-in.)
    Kt0.0352 kg-cm (0.49 oz-in./A)
    Kv1573 rpm/V
    RPM at Peak Efficiency 9100
    Current at Peak Efficiency 0.34A
    Physical Specs
    Gearbox Length 11.6mm (0.455in.)
    Total Length 40.3mm (1.59in.)
    Gearbox Diameter15.5mm (0.61in.)
    Shaft Diameter 3mm (0.12in.) with flat along length
    Shaft Length 38mm (1.5in.)
    Mounting Holes 2; #2-56 spaced 11mm apart
    Weight28g (0.99oz)
    Gearbox Specs
    Output RPM (at 6V)63 RPM
    Output Torque (at 6V)78.58 oz-in (5658 g-cm)

    Note - Do not stall this motor! you will damage the output gear stage!


    Solidworks File

    .STEP File

    Maximum Torque

    No Load Speed

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    These are powerful motors for their size. Just remember 150:1 reduction gives you about 1rps.