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    The inexpensive T6A Radio Transmitter requires a PC cable to modify any of the channel variables including mixing and servo reversing.  (Download the T6 Manual.)

    The program is free and can be downloaded below (includes WinXP driver and T6config program).
    If you are running Vista, you will need to install the Vista driver instead
    For Windows 7 and 10, download the Windows 7-10 Driver

    The program we supply in our transmitters is hk-t6a-Viper-mixed-R2
    Or if you prefer tank steering: hk-t6a-Viper-tank-R1 (this also allows both Ch5 and Ch6 to be used)

    Instructions for installation:
    Do not plug anything in yet.
    1. Install the driver (CP210x Driver Installer)
    2. Plug the programming cable into a usb port. Windows will detect it and install its own drivers.
    3. Install T6config.
    4. Open your Control Panel and open System->Hardware->Device Manager. Expand Ports and make note of the "Prolific USB to Serial" COM Port.
    5. Plug the cable into the back of the transmitter and turn it on.
    6. Run T6config. Select Setting and set the COM Port to the one you noted before.
    7. Verify that moving the transmitter sticks moves the green bars. Don't click anything yet.
    8. After verifying it is communicating, click GETUSER. (Important! Making changes before clicking GETUSER will mangle the transmitter settings.  Not a problem if you are just loading a saved program.)
    9. Save your settings right away so you can come back to them if you need to.
    10. Now you can start modifying settings OR load our default file hk-t6a-Viper-mixed-R2 into the transmitter by clicking Open and selecting that file. It will load into the transmitter immediately.


    WinXP Driver

    Vista Driver

    Win 7-10 Driver

    Viper Mix Program

    Viper Tank Steering Program