Item #: PWR-48DC24
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    DC/DC converter with wide ranging input voltage and fixed 24C output

    Input Voltage: DC 37V to 60V
    Output Voltage: DC 24V
    Output current: 5A. Max 10A

    Adopts synchronous rectification technology, low heat and high efficiency
    Aluminum shell, waterproof, shockproof
    Multiple protection function: output over-current protection, soft-start protection, chip over-temperature protection (No reversal protection, do NOT reverse)
    Working temperature: -40 °c ~ +85 °c (industrial temperature)
    Efficient conversion rate: over 93%
    Ripple: 100MV
    Synchronous rectification
    Shockproof , moistureproof , dust-proof
    Protection: output over-current protection, soft-start protection, chip overtemperature protection (no reversal protection, DO NOT reverse)

    Wiring instructions :   ** Do not reverse wires ** Input: red (+) black (-) Output: yellow (+) black (-)