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    BEC (Battery-Elimination Circuit) provides a constant 5V to your receiver and/or servos. Simply connect the red and black leads to your (switched) main battery inputs, and plug the RC connector into any port of your receiver, and now you can ditch that bulky reciever battery pack!

    The 5V models are optimized to supply your standard RC receiver with the power needed to operate.

    S-BEC is a highly integrated and sophisticated switch-mode power supply operating from 5.5V to 50V input and producing a constant 5V output, with any load up to 2.5A continuous – suitable for up to 8 standard servos or 6 digital servos. Besides being the smallest and lightest switch-mode BEC in the world, thanks to the latest integrated circuit technology, it also has the highest input voltage rating, allowing the use of up to 41 NiCd or Ni-MH cells (1.2V per cell). S-BEC is also compatible with Li-Ion and Li-Poly cells. S-BEC has special components to cater for the high instantaneous current draw that servos usually require. Although this instantaneous current may be above 2.5A, the continuous current draw of each servo is very much less, and S-BEC is designed to handle both these current ‘spikes’ and the continuous current requirements of both standard and digital servos.

    The S-BEC, unlike other similar devices, produces signifcantly less noise that could produce radio interference. Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) for throttle control generate noise several times that of the S-BEC.  Just the same, both ESC and S-BEC should be placed as far as possible from the receiver.  That is simply safest, standard practice.

    - 5.5 V to 50 V input (6 cells minimum, up to 33 cells at 1.5V/cell or 41 cells at 1.2V/cell) , minimum 12V input required for 12V model
    - 2.5 Amp continuous output current.
    - Low ripple voltage.
    - Exceptionally low EMI (electronically quiet).
    - Short circuit protection.

    5V Model MinTypicalMax
    Input voltage
    Output voltage
    Current consumption
    Output current (continuous)
    19 x 15 x 8mm
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