AME 214-series Gearmotor, no pinion
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  • AME 214-series Gearmotor, no pinion - 214-1001
  • AME 214-series Gearmotor, no pinion - 214-1001
  • AME 214-series Gearmotor, no pinion
Item #: 214-1001
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    This is a great, multi-purpose 12V reversible geared motor.
    Because of this motor’s unique bushing system and power take-off shaft, it can handle heavier side loads than competitorsʼ motors. The result? It is perfect for driving a gearbox, linear actuator, or rotary actuator.

    Features include:
    - Low Amp Draw
    - Bi-directional (reversible)
    - Water resistant
    - Resists backdriving
    - Right hand housing
    - Repeatable intermittent action
    - For use with sprockets and drives (no pinion included)

    Nominal Voltage12vdc, can be run up to 24V with appropriate airflow
    Nominal RPMs52.2 rpm
    Amps at No load2.7-3.3
    Amps at Stall26-31.7
    Stall Torque1983 oz-in (142.8 kg-cm)
    Shaft 0.39in. dia x 0.51in. long with flat



    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Good motor

    I bought this motor for mechanic cart. This motor very good working, tractive force very big (motor is nearly 300 Watt). Two motor move cart massa nearly 20 kg overcome small obstacles. Negative: motor need big current, up to 30 A for full power. It can be problem, if you use some motors. Do not forget buy special wire for motor - header is not comfortable for solder or use other sockets.

    Best Price

    I purchased Part# AME-214-1001 to replace the defective motor in the Kwikee RV steps on my motor home. I received the motor yesterday and replaced it today. The steps now work as the should and the motor works excellently. The price is also excellent as RV parts locations want 2 to 5 times the price that I paid for the same motor although they use a Kwikee part number. By scouring the web I found this site and by doing so purchased the item I wanted at 50% of the lowest price charged by other sources.