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    This is a great, inexpensive, gearmotor from AM Equipment that was originally made to be used as a car window lifting motor. There are two types of this motor to choose from-left hand or right hand. Both have a pinion on the output and would be great for driving a chain or even a wheel directly in the middle to small weight classes. A version with a double-D shaft is also available. This is one of the 5 fastest of the gearmotors that AME offers, at 100 RPMs -Which is a great speed to have a bot's drive gearmotor run, and makes for some very simple math!

    Specifications for rotation in both directions:

    Motor only performance.

    Typical system performance.


    12 V

    Angular-velocity constant:

    10.1 rpm/V

    Torque constant:

    134 ozf·in/A

    Armature resistance:

    0.433 Ohms

    No-load current:

    3 A

    Peak efficiency:

    45 %

    Power source resistance:

    0 Ohms


    Peak power:

    0.0887 hp

    0.0342 hp

    No-load angular velocity:

    108 rpm

    95 rpm

    Stall current:

    27.7 A

    13.9 A

    Stall torque:

    3310 ozf·in

    1450 ozf·in



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