Item #: T40P-245BA-HS4
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    T40 series wheels are constructed with a thermoplastic rubber tread bonded to a polypropylene core making them light weight and durable while providing excellent traction.

    All T40 Series wheels have a 1/2 hex bore and are designed to be mounted using our T40 series hubs. T40 hubs are available to mount 1 or 2 wheels wide (Specified by 1 Wide or 2 Wide) This allows 1, or 2 wheels to be mounted to a single hub giving the flexibility of creating wider tread or mixing durometers.

    Outside Diameter: 2-3/8 in
    Width: 0.4 in
    Mount: 1/2 in hex
    Weight*: 0.62 oz
    Color: Black and Blue
    Tread Durometer: 50 Shore A