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    For use with 16 - 18 gauge wire
    Each set contains one Red housing, one Black housing, two Contacts, and one Roll Pin. (as pictured)

    Housing size is .97" x .31" x .31"

    Need extra contacts? We sell them separately as well.

    Note: the plastic housings are all the same size for 45, 30 & 15 amp PowerPoles.



    Housing Measurements

    Contact Measurements

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    Not bad, could be better

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    I recently bought a big bag of the 15 amp powerpole connectors, and although they went together fairly well, I found a good deal of inconsistency in how tightly the molded parts fit together in ganged configurations. It shouldn't affect anything electrically, but some pairs of connectors were very difficult to put together side by side, and others were so lose that they barely held the retaining pin. The mechanical fit from pin to pin seems fine, and I don't seem to be having any problems with weak connections. I'd give them a higher rating for convenience and utility, but for $1 per set, I expect a better mechanical fit. Maybe this was an off batch, and that's why they were on discount.