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    Midwest Motion Products makes extremely high quality geared motors, manufactured here in the United States of America. They are robust, reliable, and will outperform almost any other motor we sell.

    The TM57 line of motors is made with a precision planetary gearhead and all steel gears. The gearhead is available with ten different gear ratios ranging from 3.7:1 to 308:1. The brushed motor is totally enclosed with no ventilation and uses powerful ferrite magnets to deliver maximum performance while keeping costs resonable. The motor is available in 12V, 24V, and 48V versions, each with identical speed and torque at the motor's nominal voltage. See this chart for a quick comparison of the gear ratios.

    Motor Specs:

    Nominal Voltage24V
    Rated Continuous Current3.8A
    No-Load Current0.62A
    Peak Torque (motor only)130 oz-in
    No-Load Speed (motor only)5000 RPM
    Rated Continuous Power Out81W
    Diameter57mm (2.25 in)

    Gearbox Specs:
    Gearhead Ratio3.7:1
    Rated Continuous Torque5 in-lb
    Rated Peak Torque70 in-lb
    Output Speed at Load1189 RPM
    Shaft Diameter12mm
    Shaft Length21mm
    Diameter52mm (2.047 in)
    Gearmotor Total Weight 57.8 oz
    Gearmotor Total Length6.68 in (170mm)




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