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    These anodized 6061 aluminum Flat Motor Mounts are used to face-mount motors to flat robot sides. 

    - Sold in pairs
    - Width: 38.1mm (1.5in)
    - Height: 31.75mm (1.25in)
    - Thickness: 1.63mm (0.06in)
    - 11mm hole pattern for Antweight motors such as Gold Spark, Silver Spark, etc.  Uses 2-56 button head screws.
    - 17mm hole pattern for Beetleweight motors such as Kitbots 1000RPM, etc.  Uses M3 countersunk screws.
    - 18mm hole pattern (not pictured, new revision) for Beetleweight motors such as BotKits 22mm DC Motor, etc  Uses M2x0.4 countersunk screws.
    - Four mounting holes can use #4 - #6 screws
    - Weight: 4.4grams (0.15oz) each
    - Screws not included. Use 2-56x1/8 screws for Spark motors.


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