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    The CamLight Systems Auto-Cutoff Module is connected between a NiCd or NiMH battery pack and the load used to discharge it. The ACM accurately monitors your pack's voltage level as it discharges and disconnects the load when the battery pack has reached the selected cutoff voltage. Using just the ACM and your favorite load, you can safely discharge any of 8 different voltage NiCd or NiMH packs, from the tinest cells to the largest.

    The Auto-Cutoff Module (ACM) can be used to:
    • Safely condition your NiCd battery packs by making it easy to discharge to a known voltage every time.
    • Test the capacity of your NiCd or NiMH battery packs by using the ACM along with a watt-hour meter like the Astroflight Whattmeter.
    • Safely test new battery packs, motors or drive train setups at high discharge current rates.
    • Quickly discharge your battery packs down to 0.9V/cell before placing them in a discharge tray (to discharge each cell individually).

    Also includes the following features:
    • Any of the eight cutoff voltages are selectable via a DIP switch.
    • Can be used with an external load or on their own to discharge a battery pack slowly.
    • Solid-state output, no relay contacts to arc or stick together.
    • The ACM-40F's integral fan cools your battery pack or load while discharging. Note: The fan starts slowing down at voltages below 12V and will provide less cooling air at these lower battery pack voltages. With 6V packs, the fan is only slowly pushing the air.
    • After pressing the Start button, a green LED indicates that the pack is discharging. If the LED lights up red when you connect the battery pack, the leads need to be reversed.
    • Protected from short-circuits, reversed polarity, over-temperature, over-current, and surge current conditions.
    • All switch settings and connections are clearly marked.

    The ACM's small size and low weight allows you to take it wherever you need to discharge your battery packs. No need for AC power or another battery to worry about, the ACM runs itself from the 6V-24V battery pack being discharged.

    Max. continuous discharge current using an external load40 amps
    Supported battery pack voltages6.0V (5 cells)
    7.2V (6 cells)
    8.4V (7 cells)
    9.6V (8 cells)
    12V (10 cells)
    14.4V (12 cells)
    18.0V (15 cells)
    24.0V (20 cells)
    Battery pack cutoff voltage
    (+/-0.03V per cell)
    Fan for cooling battery pack or load?Yes,
    24CFM @ 12V
    Absolute max. battery pack voltage35V
    Discharge current when on, no load370mA @ 24V,
    80mA @ 6V
    Discharge current when off15mA @ 24V,
    2mA @ 6V
    Max. surge current before protection circuitry turns off the ACM250A
    Wire size for load and
    battery pack connections
    12AWG silicone
    ins. wire, 6" long
    Size2.5" cube
    Weight6 ozs.


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