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    Developed after listening to the players and taking in the suggestions and criticism of currently existing speed loaders, 6mmProShop utilized this information to make improvements in their design.Without reinventing the wheel, 6mmProShop has made subtle improvements over the current popular loading system. These improvements include a wider feeding track as well as a BB agitator to help with jamming and stoppages. Other changes made were to the structural integrity of the loaders to make them more durable; these changes include using a new blend of reinforced high impact polymer. The 6mmProShop speed loaders come in various shapes and sizes (pistol mag, smg mag, rifle mag) allowing them to fit easily into magazine pouches for easy carrying and transportation.

    Durable high strength polymer construction
    Small, lightweight, and convenient to carry
    Pistol magazine profile to fit in standard pistol mag pouches
    Quickly load standard-cap mags, mid-cap mags, shotgun shells, grenades, and revolvers
    Easy to fill trap door
    Translucent, allows you to see how many BBs are remaining
    Enlarged BB loading channel to reduce the frequency of jams and blockages
    BB agitator assists with feeding
    High quality steel spring for faster resetting plunger
    O-ring in feeding nozzle keeps BBs from falling out
    Locking plunger
    Gas magazine adapter included
    Material: High Strength Polymer
    Color: Clear
    Capacity: ~120 Rounds

    Manufacturer: 6mmProShop