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    This motor has been used for many years by champion robot builders.

    One of the most popular high output motors available. This very successful motor is for the robot builder that is not kidding around. Serious power for a serious weapon or drive system of your BIG robot. This is the motor that has powered many BattleBots to victory!

    Diameter4.0 in.
    Length6.9 in.
    Peak Horsepower 3.8
    Peak Torque 3840 oz-in
    RPM at 24V 4000 rpm
    Shaft Diameter 5/8 in.
    Shaft Length 1.75 in.
    Keyway3/16 in.
    Magnet Type Ferrite
    No Load Amps 3.5 Amps
    Stall Current 340 Amps
    Terminal Resistance .050 Ohms
    Kt8.05 oz-in/Amp
    Kv168 rpm/Volt
    Rotor Inertia .25 oz-in-sec^2
    Thermal Resistance 1.3 degC/Watt
    Weight11.9 lbs.


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