AmpFlow A28-150 Motor with 27:1 Speed Reducer
  • Performance4W
  • Drawings5W
  • AmpFlow A28-150 Motor with 27:1 Speed Reducer
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    The AmpFlow speed reducers are heavy-duty, low-cost gearheads that work with any of the three-inch diameter AmpFlow motors.

    The speed reducers use a unique three-stage chain-and-sprocket mechanism that reduces cost while delivering very high torque capacity.

    This unit provides speed reduction and torque multiplication, and it's an easy way to "bolt in" the AmpFlow motors.

    Nominal Voltage: 24V
    Peak Horsepower: 3.0
    Reduction Ratio: 1:26.6
    Stall Torque: 3250
    No Load RPM: 230