6 Inch AmpFlow Drive Wheel
  • 6 Inch AmpFlow Drive Wheel - 6W
  • 6 Inch AmpFlow Drive Wheel
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    These wheels have a 3/4-inch aluminum hub with a 1/4-inch keyway. They come with two steel discs for holding the wheel in place on the end of a 3/4-inch shaft. This makes it easy to mount these wheels directly on the output shaft of the AmpFlow gearmotor. A 1/4-inch key is also included with the 10-inch wheels. Order these wheels individually or combine them with the AmpFlow gearmotors.

    Wheel Diameter Tire Width Speed (MPH)* Weight (lbs.)
    6 in. 1.5 in. 12.01.2
    *Indicates the speed at which a vehicle would travel if the wheel was driven at 670 RPM by the AmpFlow E30-150-G gearmotor.