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    This is DeWalt's OLD VERSION of its 14.4vdc replacement motor for its cordless powerdrills of the same voltage. This little thing is a powerhouse that would be perfect for that 12 thru 60-pounder you've been dreaming of.

    Just in case you saw the pictures and were curious, this motor may actually be the same one as the old 12v version. -They weight the same, look the same, are priced the same, and I wouldn't be suprised if their voltage range was the same as well.

    If you plan to couple this motor to it's intended gearbox, or to any DeWalt gearbox for that matter, choose the option to add the 'Foam seal,' which is a small, styrofoam O-ring made to fit bettween the DeWalt motors and their gearboxes, forming a seal against dust particles andother bad things you don't want to get in your gearbox. Think of it as a $1.29 insurance plan.

    DeWalt Part #393111-02
    Voltage 14.4vdc (can be overvolted)
    Torque Constant .91 oz-in./amp
    Voltage Constant 1230 RPM/V
    Stall Amperage 119 amps
    Output gear 22 Teeth, nonstandard pitch
    Shaft 5mm dia x 7.7mm
    Diameter 47mm (1.85lin)
    Length 82mm (3.23in)
    Weight 20 oz (1.25lb)


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