AME 214-series Gearmotor, with pinion
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  • AME 214-series Gearmotor, with pinion - 214-1003
  • AME 214-series Gearmotor, with pinion
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    This is a great, multi-purpose 12V reversible geared motor.
    Because of this motor’s unique bushing system and power take-off shaft, it can handle heavier side loads than competitorsʼ motors. The result? It is perfect for driving a gearbox, linear actuator, or rotary actuator.

    Features include:
    - Low Amp Draw
    - Bi-directional (reversible)
    - Water resistant
    - Resists backdriving
    - Right hand housing
    - Repeatable intermittent action
    - For use with sprockets and drives (pinion included and pre-installed on motor)

    Nominal Voltage12vdc, can be run up to 24V with appropriate airflow
    Nominal RPMs52.2 rpm
    Amps at No load2.7-3.3
    Amps at Stall26-31.7
    Stall Torque1983 oz-in (142.8 kg-cm)
    Shaft 0.39in. dia x 0.51in. long with flat