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    The Wall Hugging Ladybug uses a simple two-motor system to scurry along the wall. When motor B is on and motor A is off, the ladybug steers left towards the wall. When the sensor rod comes into contact with the wall it activates a micro switch that turns motor A on and motor B off causing it to steer away from the wall. When the ladybug steers away from the wall the sensor rod loses contact with the wall turning the micro switch off and turning motor A off and motor B back on again. The sensor and main switches come complete. This is a fun and easy-to build kit. Vacuum formed ladybug body and sturdy chassis are made from tough plastic.

    Clear red ABS body allows viewing of internal mechanisms, but can also be painted
    Stickers are included to depict eyes and spots
    White ABS chassis features easy snap-together assembly
    Stainless steel sensor rod
    Electric components such as the switches, motor and battery box come pre-connected
    Worm gears enable lifelike movement speeds
    Synthetic rubber tires included
    Front caster offers smooth direction changes
    When the sensor rod makes contact with a wall, the ladybug will move away from it. When the sensor rod is not in contact with the wall the ladybug will move towards it
    Running time with required battery is about 6 hours
    Includes instructions

    Needed to Complete
    1 "AA" size battery