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    The most capable off-the-shelf Animatronic Robotic head in the world is here! If you are studying human/machine interface, have an interest in crossing the "uncanny-valley", or simply want to experiment with animatronics ToMoMi is the perfect solution.

    ToMoMi Gen 1 is a robotic head platform that allows functionality to be added to as your research needs grow
    Configurations of ToMoMi are limitless, from additional degrees of freedom, additional neck motions, skin color, CMOS eyes, etc.
    In this Gen 1 configuration the following is included:

    • Custom Polysiloxane face, installed
    • Composite underskull
    • CNC machined anodized aircraft aluminum sub-frames
    • All cables and hardwares, installed19 HS-82MG Hitec servos, installed

    • 2 JR DS-378 low profile servos, installed
    • 1 JR z9100s servo, installed
    • Extremely realistic blue eyes

    This Gen 1 configuration has the following Degrees of Freedom (DoFs):

    • Jaw open/close
    • Jaw slide left/right
    • Jaw slide forward/back
    • Upper left lip “purse” in/out
    • Upper right lip “purse” in/out
    • Frown left lip
    • Frown right lip
    • Smile left lip
    • Smile right lip
    • Nose snarl up/down
    • Left upper eyelid open/close
    • Left lower eyelid open/close
    • Right upper eyelid open/close
    • Right upper eyelid open/close
    • Left eye “swashplate” DoFs (3 servos)
    • Right eye “swashplate” DoFs (3 servos)
    • Left inner brow up/down
    • Left outer brow up/down
    • Right inner brow up/down
    • Right outer brow up/down

    While this Gen 1 configuration does not include a neck, our Industrial Animatronic Neck Mechanism is compatible and can be installed to this head in seconds.
    This head can grow with your research as it is compatible with:

    • Color Super Micro Video Camera PC207XP, one per eye allowing stereoscopic vision research
    • Full ToMoMi body for human-sized display and/or additional motions (functional arms, etc). Please contact Custom Entertainment Solutions for more information.

    Controlled by any PWM servo controller, microcontroller, or simple RC system
    A switching 6 VDC power supply rated for 20 Amps is recommended but not included
    Intended for experienced robotics enthusiasts and research organizations. This is not a toy, but the most complex off-the-shelf Animatronic Robotic head in the world.

    Custom Entertainment Solutions will provide email, phone, and web support for this product. Lifetime support is included in the price.

    Please note the lead time for this product may be 8-10 weeks. Production may be rushed if necessary, please contact us if that is the case.

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