TReX Jr. Dual Motor Controller DMC02

TReX Jr. Dual Motor Controller DMC02 (767)

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This lower-power, smaller, and lower-cost version of the TReX is the ultimate general-purpose motor controller for small motors: it has a wide operating range (5 to 24V), delivers 2.5A continuously per motor, provides current sensing on the two...
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In Tankbot

I used this with the RB-JON-01 tank tread and beetle motors to make a small rc tank ( My only complaint was the sonic whining. The jrk motor controllers don't have this problem, but they're the same price for only a single motor controller. Other than the whine, this motor controller is really impressive. Failsafe works very well, and instructions for calibrating inputs are clear. THIS IS NOT PLUG AND PLAY. You must calibrate at least channel 1. And if you want to power your receiver with the 5 volt output, it will not supply enough current to run servos off your receiver. The configuration utility for windows is easy to use. This board seems fairly robust, and the cheapest PWM dual motor controller with tank mixing for a small robot.

Reviews 1-1 of 1