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    This platform is the most capable of The Machine Lab product line thus far. The MMP-40 mobile platform is the result of a conglomeration of input and ideas from people that are using robots in real life situations. We have gleaned detailed information from groups  ranging from NASA sponsored research teams to Law Enforcement and SWAT agencies. We have even built several robots for the U.S. military that are in theater in Iraq right now.

    Following The Machine Lab philosophy, this is a bare bones simple but rugged machine intended to help bring ideas to fruition faster. 

    The trend in mobile robotics is to get the machines as light and compact as possible without limiting their mobility in urban environments. At 40 pounds this platform is is designed to be a "Man Portable" workhorse.  The machine can easily carry 30 pounds of payload and has plenty of space to be outfitted with cameras, sensors, computers, tools, test equipment, supplies, etc.

    The best feature of this platform is that it can climb stairs. The added length and stair climbing ability allows the MMP-40 to negotiate larger obstacles and to reach deeper into urban environments. 

    The MMP-40 is has a water resistant aluminum hard anodized chassis. All drive train components are precision machined and all metal with long life ball bearings in critical areas.

    Platforms come assembled/wired and ready to run. There is a main power switch and charge jack. All that is needed is a control signal and a battery charger. Please inquire if you have custom applications for these robots that may require consulting or prototyping.


    2, 4 or 6  Motor drive with custom secondary gearboxes for added drive train strength. 

    Robot can be equipped with pneumatic wheels or tracks in minutes.

    Track drive sprockets are designed with spiraled flexible spokes to absorb impacts before they translate into the drive train or electronic components.

    Motors2 or 4 x 24 Volt DC gearhead motors
    Top Speed2.4 - 7.8 ft/sec (depending on motor and wheel choice) Other gear ratios and speed may be configured by special request.
    ControlCustom High Current 35A dual Motor drivers with thermal and over current protection. Motor drivers can be controlled with a standard Hobby-type PWM signal or with RS-232 serial control.
    Optional Encoders 500 Counts per Revolution with 3 channel TTL level quadrature outputs. This gives signals for each revolution of the motor (index), and allows detection of direction and speed of motor.
    Batteries Standard platform comes with 2 x 24 Volt 3.6 Ah battery packs wich gives a total of 7.2 Ah at 24 Volts
    Run TimeApproximately 1 hour per battery pack,    2 packs mount easily inside chassis.
    Weight40 lb
    Payload30-40 lb

    27.5" L x 20" W x 7.5"H (tracked) 21.5" H x 18"W x 9.5" H (wheeled)

    Please note that it may take up to 4 weeks for this unit to arrive if it is not in stock!

    This unit does not come with R/C controller.
    You can order one here.

    For more information about this product, go to the Machine Lab web site, then make sure to come back here to place your order!


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