Megabyte Fidget Spinner
  • Megabyte Fidget Spinner - MEGABYTE
  • Megabyte Fidget Spinner - MEGABYTE
  • Megabyte Fidget Spinner
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    Now you can hold Megabyte, one of the most deadly full-body spinners right in your hand! Well, sort of...

    This is a fidget spinner based on the popular heavyweight robot, Megabyte. Show your favorite FBS robot some love by grabbing one (or more!) of these spinners!

    Ball bearings and finger covers included.

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
    Jasper, Alabama

    Honestly would like to see more robot oddities.

    You get exactly what you pay for, it's as simple as that. Nothing too groundbreaking but it is definitely a neat little thing to have. I honestly want to see more weird toys that builders are willing make and sell.