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    These super-bright LED lights are a must-have accessory for any night flyer. Each strip can easily be soldered to an adapter that fits onto the balance connector of your lipo battery. These strips can be used alone with any 3S lipo battery or linked together for unlimited possibilities and combinations. Each strip also has a strong adhesive on the back which makes them simple to install to the surface of your aircraft or vehicle.

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    Width: 8mm
    Runs off of 12 volts DC (3S lipos are optimal)
    Marked for + and - voltage
    Adhesive strip on back side
    Available in red, green, blue, white, warm white, pink, purple, and yellow

    These lights can be sold in lengths of up to 10 feet, in 2 inch increments. Each section of 2 inches has 3 LEDs. When you receive your order, you will receive one long, continuous length of up to 10 feet, not individual sections cut into 2 inches.