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    This industrial grade linear servo product respons to standard RC PWM control signals from RC radios, Arduino microcontrollers, etc. IP54 environmental rating ensures moisture and dust stays out. Rugged extruded aluminum housing provides low weight and good durability.

    - 150 lb (68kg F) / 40 lb (18 kg F) force
    - Uses standard RC PWM input command signal
    - 12 VDC Power, ~3A at full load
    - Dimensions: 1.7 in (4.3cm) X 1.7 in (4.3cm) (See data sheet for additional dimensions)
    - Weighs 3 lb(1.4 kg)
    - Holds load without power

    ¨ IP 54 environmental protection
    Linear RC Servo with 40 lb (18 kg F) and 1.0 inch/s (2.6 cm/s) speed at 12 VDC, 17.5'' (44.5cm) Stroke. RC PWM input signal, closed loop position control. RC signal connector on 18'' cable. 18 inch power cable with tinned ends.