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    This controller uses the Pololu Maestro pcba that is packaged in a plastic enclosure. It connects to a PC via USB and allows the user to create sequences of actions using a simple slider graphical user interface. Once a sequence is created, it can run un-attended. Great for ARM or pan/tilt control.

    Here's how it works:
    ¨ Download the free controller software
    ¨ Connect to your PC with USB cable (not included)
    ¨ Connect your servos into the Maestro
    ¨ Run the program
    ¨ Click on the slider graphics to move servos
    ¨ Save positions and add timing
    ¨ That's it. You will now be able to create programs to move 6 servos.

    ¨ 6 Channel Servo Control
    ¨ Header for direct connection of servos
    ¨ 5VDC input
    ¨ Works with all major brands of servos
    ¨ Works to drive Torxis servos or ARM


    Software download for Maestro for Windows