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    This servo controller is the perfect accessory for testing or controlling servos of all sizes. Just plug in your servos into the standard servo 3 pin sockets. Connect 5VDC power to the power jack and you are ready to move servos. ABS housing with mounting tabs integrates easily into your project and allows direct control of servos by generating the RC PWM command signal.The controller is a 2– axis unit which means it will control two servos simultaneously. Power input is reverse polarity protected and power is connected to the servo ports to allow direct powering of the servos. Order the USB cable below to power direct from your computer or other electronic device. **Note: This product powers from 5 VDC and can supply the power for smaller servos that only require 5VDC and 1-2 amps. For larger servos, requiring different voltages such as our Torxis servos, you will need an additional supply to power the servos. The joystick controller will still supply the control signal. Do not exceed current limits for your USB power source device.

    - Controls 2 standard servos
    - Gamer Style small joystick provides direct control of servos
    - Generates standard RC PWM control signal
    - Provides up to 180 degrees of travel with standard servos
    - 5 VDC input power
    - Provides power for standard servos as well.
    - Power indicator shows power on
    - Reverse polarity protected
    - 5.5 mm x 2.1mm Barrel jack power input