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    The i01854 Torxis is an ultra-high-torque servo that can deliver 800 oz-in (57.6 kg-cm) of torque. This monster servo is controlled via the standard radio-controlled hobby servo interface and can travel 90 degrees in 0.75 seconds. The Torxis servo's strength makes it suitable for applications that are too demanding even for giant-scale servos, and its 0.125in. thick mounting flange and aluminum main housing make it rugged enough for the rigors of a factory environment.

    i00600 Torxis Servo - The Robot MarketPlace

    The servo is powered by 12 volts DC and draws approximately 3 A at full load. All of its gears are metal for increased durability, and the 3/8" hardened output shaft is supported by two ball bearings. This is a continuous rotation servo, so the RC signal will control speed and direction. The Torxis is controlled by the standard radio-controlled (RC) hobby servo signal used by most RC receivers and servo controllers.

    The servo includes a pre-mounted metal horn as shown in the pictures; the horn has eight 10-32 threaded mounting holes. (No mounting hardware is included.)

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    The Torxis control signal lead is terminated with a standard JR-style connector. Of the three wires connected to the JR connector, only two are connected: ground (black) and RC PWM signal (yellow). Power is connected via the Torxis' two separate, heavier-gauge wires.

    Bonus feature: there's a jrk inside!
    The Torxis servo is controlled by an embedded jrk 21v3, a highly-customizable USB motor controller that also offers serial, analog, and USB interfaces. Using the free jrk configuration utility, parameters including range, response curves, speed or current limits, and much more can be customized for your application. The jrk enables the Torxis servo to function as a USB-controlled servo while allowing the host computer to monitor and graph position, current, and other parameters in real time. For more information about these features, please see the jrk 21v3 user's guide.

    Stall torque at 6V 400 oz-in.
    Speed at 12V 0.5sec/60deg
    Stall Torque at 12V 800 oz-in.
    Range of Rotation Unlimited
    Reverse Voltage Protection? Yes
    Lead Length 12in.
    Hardware Included? No
    Size5.50 x 2.40 x 4.66 in.
    Weight37.8 oz


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