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    Top 10 reasons why you need this license plate frame.

    1) You support & you love the game of Airsoft.
    2) Your license plate frame broke or got stolen.
    3) You don't like your old license plate frame. / You want a new designer's license plate frame that rock!
    4) If you have a heavier license plate frame, this lighter license plate frame will enable faster speed and fuel efficiency.
    5) Easy installation. Free installation for walk in super store shoppers.
    6) All the cool people are getting one.
    7) This license plate frame is a limited edition collector's item that may go up in value when the demand of this license plate frame rise over our manufacturing capacity.
    8) This license frame carries a life time warranty. Warranty covers a free replacement. Warranty voids if we run out of this license plate frame.
    9) Its only $1.50! Thank you for reading!

    Installation requirements:
    A 1:1 scale car, or a boat that supports standard license plate frames.
    A screw driver.
    Approximately 5 minutes of your time.