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    The AmpFlow Dual Motor Speed Controllers operate at 6 to 42 Volts and can handle 160 Amps per channel. They feature adjustable braking, acceleration, and current limiting.

    A BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) provides a 5V power output for use with radio control receivers or other devices.

    Two mixing options are available. Each joystick can operate one channel independently, or a single joystick can operate both channels for tank-like steering.

    Over-current and over-heat control logic prevents meltdowns and provides the maximum current even under stalled conditions. The maximum current limit is adjustable.

    The 160A controller measures 7.5" L x 4.3" W x 2.2" H. Weight: 1.4 lb. Note: This controller has been updated with a metal case rather than the plastic case in the above picture.

    Additional features:
    * Both channels can be combined into a single channel with 300A output
    * Additional third channel for low-current switching of auxiliary device
    * Inputs for two quadrature encoders for full servo control
    * Two servo connectors plug directly to an RC receiver
    * Adjustable current limiting
    * User selectable servo feedback: Encoder or Analog voltage
    * Full RS232 serial command and setup
    * Multiple-operating modes: Normal PWM, Torque, Velocity, Servo-Position
    * Manual control inputs (Step/Dir) for each channel (Left, Right, Aux)
    * Robust signal processing for smooth, reliable fail-safe operation
    * Indicator LED's show direction, power, over-temperature, and board status