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    Robot builders often find that the trickiest part of a robotics project is making the wheels. First you need to find a suitable tire/wheel combination, then you must figure out a way to attach a sprocket so that it will handle the torque of a geared-down drive motor. Our wheel/sprocket/bearing combination will solve those problems for you!

    Assembled with:
    Colson Performa wheel 8 x 1.5in.
    Custom one-piece hub/sprocket
    Bronze bearing pressed into the 28-tooth sprocket
    Ball bearing with insider diameter of 0.5in

    The inner race of the ball bearing extends into, (but does not touch), the inside diameter of the hub. The width of the assembly is 2.23 to 2.24" which fits perfectly into our 2.25" wide modular drive units and robot kits. Use washers or shaft collars to locate your wheel on your axle if the axle is wider than 2.3", (this also keeps the bearings from working their way out of the wheel).

    This combination of components weighs in at just 2.5 pounds - or 10 pounds for 4 wheels. We believe that this is the lowest-cost and lightest wheel/sprocket combination available.

    Wheel Diameter Sprocket Teeth Speed (MPH)*



    * Indicates the speed at which a vehicle would travel if the wheel was driven with a 9-tooth sprocket which is revolving at 1700 RPM. (As they are in our kits when using our E30-150 motors and our speed reducer).

    For use with #35 chain.

    Contains one wheel assembly.