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    The intercooled BattlePack batteries will allow you to push your power output to new extremes. As robots continue to require more output from the same or less battery weight, keeping the cells cool enough to avoid damage is paramount. Active cooling not only allows you to draw high current longer from each pack, it also means you can turn the pack around for recharging that much faster. After extensive tournament testing and design revision we have put together a pack that will withstand all the heat the batteries can put out, as well as keep them cool through the whole match. By using rigid heat proof materials to separate each exposed cell these new batteries passively cool twice as well as the standard BattlePack. If that isn't enough, fans can easily be mounted on the packs to get the maximum cooling effect (The mounts fit standard 40mm fans like the ones used on the IFI Victor speed controllers, or you can use your own fans and mounting). If you want the most from your batteries, you want Intercooled BattlePacks. A PVC shrink cover will be added to the pack if fans are used.

    24V NiMh 2.4Ah Sub-C-size cells (x20)
    55 amp continuous, 80 amps max, 4.1 x 5.1 x 1.9" (5.96" long with fans)
    3.2 lb