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    This is a lightweight, yet still very tourquey right-handed gearmotor from AM Equipment that was originally made to be used as a car windshield wiper motor. This is a pretty good value in torque per weight as well. Perfect for small to mid-sized robot drive applications.

    Best of all, at 116 RPM, you don't have to gear it down!

    Nominal Voltage12vdc
    RPMs116 rpm (no load)
    Amps at No load1.4
    Amps at Stall21.3
    Torque Nominal98.235 in-lbs or 11.1 Nm
    Shaft 10mm dia x 22mm long with flat



    Rhino v1.1 File

    IGES File

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    Torquey one

    Easy to use. Mounting can be tricky - do not trust the drawings. Some dimensions (mount hole spacings) are just wrong enough to cause trouble and other dimensions are not given. Where's the end of the shaft? Get your hands on one first and measure before machining anything. It is a windshield wiper motor - but a good value at the price