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    For the budget-minded, this inexpensive wire will get the job done. Each linear foot is TWO wires- one red and one black, you can strip them apart or leave together to supply power to your devices. Grab a bunch of it, it always comes in handy! Remember, the LOWER the gauge number, the THICKER the wire.

    Flexible soft bare copper stranding for maximum flexibility and conductivity.
    Temperature range: 80°c (+176°F to -40°F)
    Color coded Red and black PVC insulation which is oil & gas resistant. VW-1 flame resistant.

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Good general all around wire.

    This zip wire is a good cheap alternative to the more expensive lines of wire. While its not as flexible as silicone coated wires its not real stiff like cheap wire is. I use this type of wire for making charging adapters and various general purpose RC stuff and also non RC related projects where major flexibility isnt a must but you still want a good quality wire.

    Good wire, Great Price!

    This appears to be wire intended for automotive use. As such, the high quality PVC insulation is designed to resist oil and gas. This wire is durable. I purchased the 14 gauge wire. This wire is much better quality than I was expecting. I will definitely buy again!