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    These are what your robots have been waiting for. These custom engineered robot drive motors are designed to handle the rigor of combat without breaking, and they won't hurt your wallet either! These motors make it super simple to get a robot moving! Just pick up a pair of Lite Flite wheels and Lite Hubs to mount them, solder on a pair of tinyESCs and your motors are ready to go!

    The extra-long 3mm shaft is triple-supported internally so that wheels can be mounted directly.
    Having the same face mount pattern as the now-obsolete BaneBots 16mm gearmotors means they can be a direct drop-in replacement for all your combat-worn BaneBots motors.
    Spur gear reduction motor with mabuchi FK-050 motor.
    Several different gear ratios of 20:1, 35:1, 50:1, 63:1, 86:1, 115:1, 150:1, 250:1 and 360:1
    At only 28grams (0.99oz), these are a lightweight and still powerful motor.

    Motor Specs - Mabuchi FK-050 motor without gearbox
    Operating Voltage4.5V-22.2V (>7.4V decreses motor life)
    Nominal Voltage 6V DC
    No Load RPM 11530 RPM
    No Load Current 0.05A
    Stall Current 1.3A
    Stall Torque 0.0461 kg-cm (0.64 oz-in.)
    Kt0.0352 kg-cm (0.49 oz-in.)
    Kv1573 rpm/V
    RPM at Peak Efficiency 9100
    Current at Peak Efficiency 0.34A
    Gearbox Specs
    Output RPM (at 6V)472 RPM
    Output Torque (at 6V)10.48 oz-in (755 g-cm)
    Physical Specs
    Gearbox Length 11.6mm (0.455in.)
    Total Length 40.3mm (1.59in.)
    Gearbox Diameter15.5mm (0.61in.)
    Shaft Diameter 3mm (0.12in.) with flat along length
    Shaft Length 38mm (1.5in.)
    Mounting Holes 2; #2-56 spaced 11mm apart
    Weight28g (0.99oz)

    Note - Do not stall this motor! you will damage the output gear stage!


    Solidworks File

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    Maximum Torque

    No Load Speed

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    the spark 20:1 motors are some of the best gearmotors I have ever used. so far I have used them in 3 different antweight robots ranging from a lifter an overhead bar spinner to a full body spinner and now a drum spinner. I recomend cleaning them after every competetion or 30 minutes of use. this entails removing the gearhead and cleaning out the gears with denatured alcahol or a similar product and waiting until it is completly dry then relubricating with a high speed bushing oil for brushed motors as all gears ride on brass stages (the gears are steel not brass)

    Small and Mighty

    The Spark motors are a great choice for drive motors in an antweight robots, but be sure to have the drive wheels protected. After the first gear in the gearbox, the shaft narrows down to approximately 1.5mm and tends to fail at that location with one or two direct hits to a wheel.