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Clear Parts Cement,1oz
Price: $5.89
Availability: Discontinued
Testors Item #: TES3515C -

This is a 1oz Applicator of Clear Parts Cement & Window Maker from Testors.Product FEATURESUse for cementing clear polystyrene parts like canopies, windows an windshields, and headlight lenses to your plastic model..Will not craze plastic..Does not yellow..Leaves no unsightly residue..Non-toxic..Washes up with water..Can also be used for making small windows-instructions for this ar included on the rear of the packaging..Precision applicator for accurate application of cement..Carded...

Liquid Cement with Applicator for Plastic Models
Price: $6.99
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Testors Item #: TES3507 -

FEATURESFast dryingJoins polystyrene to polystyreneIncludes cleaning wires for applicator tip0-TES3507

Liquid Cement, 1oz.
Retail: $3.99
Price: $3.89
Availability: On Order
Testors Item #: TES3502 -

Cement for plastic models.1oz.0-TES3502

Plastic Model Cement, 0.625oz.
Retail: $2.99
Price: $1.90
Availability: In Stock
Testors Item #: TES3501 -

This is a 5/8oz Tube of Cement for Plastic Models from Testors.For Ages 8 and Up.FEATURESQuick drying cement for plastic models.Joins polystyrene to polystyrene and polystyrene to wood.Also useful for repairing household items made of polystyrene orABS plastics.INCLUDESOne 5/8oz Tube of Cement for Plastic Models.SPECIFICATIONS5/8 fl oz (18ml)sdw 10/25/010-TES3501

TESTORS Liquid Plastic Cement, 1oz.
Price: $3.79
Availability: Available
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Testors Precision Liquid Cement for Plastics, 1oz.
Retail: $7.80
Price: $5.99
Availability: Discontinued
Testors Item #: TES8872C -

For polystyrene, acetate, plexiglas, lucite and most other plastics except vinyl, polyethylene, polypropylene and phenolics. Precision applicator for precise application of cement.1oz.This is the good stuff for model building. Highly recommended by professionals.0-TES8872C

Wood Cement Fast, 5/8 oz by Testor Corp.
Price: $2.99
Availability: In Stock
Testors Item #: TES3505 -

This is the 5/8 ounce (18ml) Tube of Testors Cement For Metal and Wood Models.FEATURESStrong fast drying cement is specially formulated for joining wood,metal, polystyrene and most rigid plastic.INCLUDESOne 5/8 ounce (18ml) Tube of Cement for Metal and Wood Models.REQUIREMENTSApplying to both surfaces to be joined, allow to dry for a fewseconds, press together, hold and allow two to four hours dryingtime for bonding metal, and twelve hours for bonding wood.COMMENTSCAUTION, Contains Toluol and...