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Dromida 3-Channel Transmitter D103
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Item #: DIDJ1001 -

This is the D-103 3-Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter for the Dromida Wasteland Truck, DIDC0061.FEATURESDigital steering and throttle trims to dial-in handlingSteering and throttle dual rates for drivers with different skilllevelsThird channel operates foam dart launcherINCLUDESD-103 3-Channel 2.4GHz TransmitterREQUIREMENTSAA Batteries: Four for transmitter0-DIDJ1001

Futaba 3PRKA 3-Channel FHSS 2.4GHz Radio System with R203GF Receiver
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Futaba Item #: FUTK3100 -

This is the 3-Channel Futaba 3PRKA 2.4GHz FHSS Radio System with the R203GF Receiver.FEATURESIdeal upgrade for radios found in RTR vehiclesThrottle and steering trim and reverseSteering dual rate dialThrottle end point adjustmentChannel three switchThrottle fail safeOne year limited warranty through Hobby Services beginning at dateof purchaseINCLUDESFutaba 3PRKA 2.4GHz FHSS Transmitter, R203GF Receiver, InstructionManual and On/Off SwitchREQUIREMENTSServos of modeler's choiceFour AA batteries...

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SANWA Item #: AIR90216 -

This is the Airtronics MX-V FHSS-2 2.4GHz Radio System with an included 92625 3-Channel Waterproof Receiver. Sanwa took the most important functions of a modern transmitter and shoe horned them into an ergonomic design with fast FH2 2.4GHz response! The MX-V's user-friendly menu features easy-to-setup functions and a sensational price to performance ratio. With this transmitter, the user gets all the decisive features in a case design similar to the high-performance MT-4.This version of the...

TTX300 3Ch 2.4GHz Pistol Grip SLT Tx Rx No Servos
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Tactic Item #: TACJ0300 -

This is the Tactic SLT 2.4GHz TTX300 3-Channel Pistol Grip Transmitter with the TR325 3-channel Receiver.FEATURESUser programmable 3rd channel for more versatility Super small TR325 receiver with failsafe Steering and throttle end point adjustments and trim dials Steering rate adjustment for different skill levels SLT-Secure Link Technology creates an unbreakable link between the transmitter and receiver eliminating any possibility of interferenceINCLUDESTTX300 3-Channel TransmitterTR325...